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We were proud to showcase the incredible work of so many local Bay Area scientists at our inaugural event. Here we share last year's program to provide prospective attendees with a snapshot of the high-quality talks the BACS seeks to include in our technical program. 



an ACS-sponsored event

9:00 am


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9:15 am

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Prof. Noah Burns, Stanford University

Chairs’ Welcome

Dr. Bonnie Charpentier, Cytokinetics

ACS President’s remarks

Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi, Stanford University 

New therapeutic modalities from glycoscience

Dr. Mikiko Okumura, UC Berkeley, Maimone Group

Arenophile-mediated dearomative functionalization of simple arenes

Dr. John Morrow, UCSF,  Arkin Group

Using small molecules for 14-3-3/client stabilization in cancer

Dr. Samy Ponnusamy, MilliporeSigma

Green chemistry

Dr. Andrew Judd, AbbVie

Development of selective BCL-XL inhibitors and application of antibody-drug conjugates

Anna Elleman, Stanford, Du Bois Group

Spatiotemporal control of voltage-gated sodium channels

Dr. Colin Skepper, Novartis

Bacterial topoisomerase inhibitors addressing fluoroquinolone resistance

Caleb Karmel, UC Berkeley, Hartwig Group

Iridium-catalyzed silylation of aryl C-H bonds

Dr. Alan Northrup, Merck

Synthesis inspires and enables design: Discover of STING agonist MK-1454

Thomas O’Connor, UC Berkeley, Toste Group

Generation of chiral allenes through a Cu-catalyzed, asymmetric β-fluoride elimination

Prof. Bill Degrado, UCSF

De novo design of functional proteins

Ben Boswell, Stanford, Burns Group

Scalable, six-step synthesis of air-stable fluorinated polyacetylene enabled by mechanochemistry

Dr. David Siler, Gilead

Process development of new routes to a fluorinated nucleoside precursor of rovafovir etalafenamide, a reverse transcriptase inhibitor treatment of HIV-1

Dr. Xochina El Hilali-Pollard, UCSF,  Renslo Group

Stabilizing a proenzyme with small molecules – a new approach in Huntington’s disease?

Clayton Hardman, Stanford, Wender Group

Scalable synthesis of bryostatin-1 and analogs, leads for enhanced cancer immunotherapy

Prof. Richmond Sarpong, UC Berkeley

Break-it-to-make-it strategies for chemical synthesis inspired by complex molecules


Green Ahn, Stanford University 

Amy Bellinghiere, UC Davis

Kerry Betz, Stanford University 

Jon Boyce, UCSF

Willian Cortopassi, UCSF

Corleone Delaveris, Stanford University 

Matthew Epplin, Stanford University 

Jason Fang, UC Berkeley

Catherine Garrison, Stanford University 

Karl Haelsig, UC Berkeley

Hannah Haley, UC Berkeley

Nathaniel Harder, UC Davis

Holly Hajare, Stanford University 

Croix Laconsay, UC Davis

Vanessa Lee, UC Davis

Marco Lobba, UC Berkeley

Chandrima Majumdar, UC Davis

Ben Raliski, UC Berkeley

Diego Ruiz Garrido, UCSF

Noam Saper, UC Berkeley

Dan Schwartz, UCSF

Duy Vo, UC Santa Cruz

Fumiaki Yokokawa, Novartis

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