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We are proud to showcase the incredible work of so many local Bay Area scientists at our upcoming virtual event. We hope you are all looking forward to the lineup of excellent speakers, including professors, students, post-docs, and industrial scientists as much as we are. 



an ACS-sponsored event

8:30 am


8:40 am

8:50 am


9:25 am

9:45 am

10:05 am

10:20 am 

10:55 am


11:15 am


11:35 am

12:20 pm

12:55 pm


1:15 pm

1:50 pm

2:00 pm

2:50 pm

3:25 pm

3:45 pm

4:20 pm

Prof. Richmond Sarpong, UC Berkeley & Dr. Kevin Allan, Eidos Therapeutics

Chair's  Welcome

Dr. James Taylor, Gilead & Dr. Kevin Allan

Host's Welcome, followed by virtual symposium logistics

Prof. Michelle Arkin, UC San Francisco

Site-Directed Drug Discovery

Sahar Hosseinzadeh, UC Santa Cruz, MacMillan Group

Identification of Selective Cytotoxins for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines

Dr. Dane Holte, AbbVie

Early Development, Scale-up, and Reverse Phase Purification of a Highly Potent Pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) Dimer, SG3259, for use in Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

Break (15 min)

Dr. Eric Martin, Novartis

What to do with Experiment-Quality Models for >9,000 Biochemical and Cellular Assays

Xizi Zhang, UC Berkeley, Schepartz Group

Nuclear Delivery of Functional Methyl-CpG-binding Protein 2 (MeCP2) Using a Cell-Permeant Miniature Protein

Dr. Rohan Merchant, Merck

Industry-Academia Collaboration for Accelerating Drug Discovery: On-going Alkyl-Alkyl Cross-Coupling Developments

Lunch (45 min)

Dr. Dustin Siegel, Gilead

Remdesivir's Journey from Discovery for Respiratory Syncytial Virus to COVID-19 Treatment

Yusef Ahmed, UC Davis, Tantillo Group

Turning Frustration into Reaction: A Computationally Derived Synthetic Strategy for Pericyclic Reactions via Frustrated Lewis Pairs

Prof. Dean Toste, UC Berkeley

Chiral Anion Catalysis

Break (10 min)

POSTER SESSION: hosted in Zoom breakout rooms

Click here for more information about our poster presenters

Dr. James Crawford, Genentech

Hunting for Hippo: Allosteric Inhibitors of the YAP/TEAD Protein-Protein Interaction

Dr. Gunda Georg, YourChoice Therapeutics

The Pill For Men: Are We There Yet?

Prof. Christina Smolke, Stanford University

Engineering Yeast to Brew Medicines via an Integrated Systems Approach

Poster award presentation and closing message 


Augustin Braun, Stanford University (Solomon Lab)

Shizhong Dai, UC San Francisco (Shokat Lab)

Merve Demir, UC Davis (David Lab)

Sarah Dishman, UC Davis (Shaw Lab)

Dr. Arpit Doshi, Astraea Therapeutics

Daniel Droege, UC Santa Cruz (Johnstone Lab)

Anderson Da Silva Duraes, University of Notre Dame (Gezelter Lab)

Isaac Doran Falk, Stanford University (Burns Lab)

Joshua Daniel Farr, Stanford University (Burns Lab)

David Gutierrez, UC Davis (Shaw Lab)

Selin Kocalar & Aylin Salahifar, Leigh High School

Volga Kojasoy, UC Davis (Tantillo Lab)

Croix Laconsay, UC Davis (Tantillo Lab)

Lucie Liu, UC Berkeley  (Geissler Lab)

Anna Lo, UC Davis (Shaw Lab)

Dr. Claire Magnani, UC Berkeley (Maimone Lab)

Ciara Mary Ordner, Stanford University  (Burns Lab)

Paige Pistono, UC Berkeley (Francis Lab)

Supreeth Prasad, UC Davis (Tantillo Lab)

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