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We are proud to showcase the incredible work of so many local Bay Area scientists at our upcoming event. We hope you are all looking forward to the lineup of excellent speakers, including professors, students, post-docs, and industrial scientists as much as we are. 



Check back soon for our industry keynote speakers
An ACS-Sponsored Event

8:00 am

8:50 am

9:00 am


9:40 am

10:00 am

10:20 am

10:40 am

11:20 am


11:40 am



12:00 pm


1:00 pm

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3:20 pm


3:40 pm

4:20 pm

6:00 pm

Registration and Breakfast 

Professor Ian Seiple, UC San Francisco

Chair's Welcome

Professor John Hartwig, UC Berkeley

Unexpected Mechanisms of Cross Coupling with First-Row Metals 

Sheng Feng, Stanford University

Development of Copper(I) Hydride-Catalyzed Asymmetric Olefin Hydrofunctionalization Reactions

Johannes Morstein, UC San Francisco

Targeting GTPases Beyond K-Ras

Coffee Break (20 min)

Michael O’Keefe Gilead

Stereochemical Control in the Process Development of Lenacapavir

Brandon Wright , UC Berkeley

Molecular Complexity-Inspired Synthetic Approaches to the Daphniphyllum Alkaloids

Zachary Brill, Merck

Discovery of a Substituted Triazolopyrimidine as a Potent and Selective Dual Antagonist of the A2A and A2B Receptors for the Treatment of Cancer

Lunch (1 hour)


Professor Carrie Partch, UC Santa Cruz

The Days of Our Lives – Building A Molecular Approach to Study and Enhance Circadian Rhythms

Zef Konst, Schrödinger

Large-Scale In Silico Fragment Screening Based on Absolute Free Energy Perturbation

Andrian Basargin, UC Davis

Function-Oriented Synthesis of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Coffee Break (20 min)


Joseph M. Young, Novartis

Discovery of EDI048, A First-In-Class Oral Soft-Drug Cp PI(4)Ki for the Treatment of Pediatric Cryptosporidiosis

Leah Roe, UC Berkeley

Backbone Extension Acyl Rearrangements Enable Cellular Synthesis of Proteins Containing Novel Backbones

Professor Kevan Shokat, UC San Francisco

New Therapeutic Options for KRAS Mutant Cancers

Poster Session & Reception

Poster Awards


Alex Tabag, UC Santa Cruz (Shaun McKinnie)

Annika Page, UC Berkeley (Dean Toste)

Brandon Derstine, Stanford University (Noah Burns)

Chayo Fuentes Chang, UC Santa Cruz (Dr. Rebecca Braslau)

Clifford Leung, University of San Francisco (Herman Nikolayevskiy)

Di Gu, UC Berkeley (Wenjun Zhang)

Ellie King, UC Berkeley (Daniel Nomura)

Ethan Toriki, UC Berkeley (Daniel Nomura)

Garrett Toth-Williams, UC Davis (Jared Shaw)

Grant Koch, UC Santa Cruz (Scott Lokey)

Guillermo Chacaltana, UC Santa Cruz (Michael Stone)

Hayden Anderson, Stanford University (Noah Burns)

Isaac Joyner, UC Berkeley (John Hartwig)

Isaac Yu, UC Berkeley (John Hartwig)

Ishika Jain, University of San Francisco (Castro/Karney Research Lab, William Karney)

Jack Hayward Cooke, UC Berkeley (Richmond Sarpong)

Jack McCann, UC Berkeley (Evan Miller)

Jackson Baumgartner, UC Santa Cruz (Shaun McKinnie)

Jenna Manske, UC Berkeley (John Hartwig)

Jennifer Cordoza, UC Santa Cruz (Shaun McKinnie)

Jonathan GIudice, UC Berkeley (Alanna Schepartz)

Justin Samford, University of San Francisco (Herman Nikolayevskiy)

Karan Goyal, UC Berkeley (Richmond Sarpong)

Karina Bhavsar, University of San Francisco (Herman Nikolayevskiy)

Kayla Belavek, UC Berkeley (Evan Miller)

Kristen Gardner, UC Berkeley (Richmond Sarpong)

Lindsey Lin, UC San Francisco (Jim Wells)

Logan Bartholomew, UC Berkeley (Richmond Sarpong)

Lucas Göttemann, UC Berkeley (Richmond Sarpong)

Margot Meyers, UC Berkeley (Dan Nomura)

Markella Konstantinidou, UC San Francisco (Michelle Arkin)

Melanie Jones, UC Santa Cruz (Shaun McKinnie)

Mojgan Asadi, Stanford University (Steven Boxer)

Ojasvi Mudda, Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (Clinton Cunha)

Suh Hyun Kang, UC Berkeley (Richmond Sarpong)

Vanessa Gonzalez, UC Berkeley (Thomas Maimone)

Vicente Contreras, UC Berkeley (P.I. Evan Miller)

Yannick Kraemer, UC Davis (Cody Pitts)

Zhe Zhuang, Stanford University (Nathanael Gray)

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