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We are proud to showcase the incredible work of so many local Bay Area scientists at our upcoming event. We hope you are all looking forward to the lineup of excellent speakers, including professors, students, post-docs, and industrial scientists as much as we are. 



an ACS-sponsored event

8:00 am

8:45 am

8:50 am


9:00 am

9:40 am


10:00 am

10:20 am

10:40 am

11:20 am


11:40 am


12:00 pm

1:00 pm

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2:00 pm

2:40 pm

3:00 pm

3:20 pm


4:00 pm

4:20 pm

5:00 pm

Registration opens & light breakfast

Prof. Jared Shaw,  UC Davis & Dr. Lauren Holder, Novartis 

Chair's  Welcome

Dr. Lauren Holder, Novartis & Natalie McClure, DevRx Consulting

ACS Regional P3 Award Presentation

Prof. Tom Maimone, UC Berkeley

Synthetic Studies of Complex Natural Products

Prof. Balyn W. Zaro, UC San Francisco

Improved Electrophile Design for Exquisite Covalent Molecule Selectivity

Andrew F. Nolting, Merck

Asymmetric Synthesis of Cyclopropyl Boronates via Cyclopropanation of Alkenyl Boronic Esters

Coffee Break (20 min)

Dr. Xenia B. Searle, AbbVie

A Synthesis-Driven Approach to Drug Discovery:  CFTR Modulators

Justin H. Faris, UC Santa Cruz (Lokey Group)

Scaffold-Based Investigation of Thioether Decapeptomers Reveals Unique Permeable Conformation

Isaac Yu, UC Berkeley (Hartwig Group)

Mechanistically guided development of the practical borylation of alkyl C–H bonds

Lunch (1 hour)

Prof. Annaliese K. Franz, UC Davis

Organosilicon Chemistry for Enantioselective Synthesis, Catalyst Design and Medicinal Chemistry

Alyssa Clay, Stanford (Du Bois Group)

Progress Towards a Total Synthesis of Zetekitoxin AB 

Dr. Fred Cohen, Nurix

Chemistry @ Nurix: Targeted Protein Modulation for Drug Discovery

Austin R. Hopiavuori, UC Santa Cruz (McKinnie Group)

Investigating the substrate-dependent reactions of the dioxygenase DabC in the domoic acid biosynthetic pathway

Coffee Break (20 mins)

Dr. Grace Chuang, Cytokinetics

Discovery of Aficamten: a Cardiac Myosin Inhibitor Designed to Normalize Contractility in Patients with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Prof. Ziyang Zhang, UC Berkeley

Chemical tricks against mutant K-Ras driven cancer

Prof. Ian B. Seiple, UC San Francisco

Chemical synthesis to unlock natural product potential


Click here for more information about our poster presenters



Ara Abramyan, Schrödinger, (Comp Chem)

Andy Basargin, UC Davis (Olson Lab)

Jackson Baumgartner, UC Santa Cruz (McKinnie Lab)

Riley M. Blue, UC Santa Cruz (MacMillan Lab)

Márton Bojtár, UC Berkeley (Miller Lab)

Yun-Pu Chang, UC Davis (Franz Lab)

Si-Jie Chen, Merck (Discovery Process Chem)

Kevin Chou, Gilead (Med Chem)

Jacob Dalton, UC Davis (Franz Lab)

Maxime Dauphinais, Novartis (Med Chem)

Linnea Sygna Dolph, UC Davis (Franz Lab)

Andrew K. Ecker, UCSF (Seiple Lab)

Amy Freiberg, UC Santa Cruz (Millhauser Lab)

Kristen Gardner, UC Berkeley (Sarpong Lab)

Michael Graupe, Gilead (Med Chem)

David A. Gutierrez, UC Davis (Shaw Lab)

Cheng-En Hsieh, UC Davis (Shaw Lab)

Paul Huang, UC Berkeley (Francis Lab)

Dyana Kenanova, UCSF (Arkin Lab)

Volga Kojasoy, UC Davis (Tantillo Lab)

Markella Konstantinidou, UCSF (Arkin Lab)

Jesus Madrigal, UCSF (Seiple Lab)

Anne–Catherine Mata, Novartis (Med Chem)

Jack McCann, UC Berkeley (Miller Lab)

Annika Page, UC Berkeley (Toste Lab)

Judy Pan, UC Berkeley (Toste Lab)

Paige Pistono, UC Berkeley (Francis Lab)

Yam Poudel, BMS (Med Chem)

Andre Sanchez, UC Berkeley (Maimone Lab)

Dr. Julia Schaletzky, UC Berkeley (Schaletzky Lab)

Rahul D. Shingare, UC Santa Cruz (MacMillan Lab)

Yuan-Shin (Jack) Shiue, UC Davis (Shaw Lab)

Paul P. Sinclair, UC Berkeley (Sarpong Lab)

Kacper Skakuj, UC Berkeley (Toste Lab)

Jeremy R. Tuck, UC Davis (Olson Lab)

Vasil H. Vasilev, UC Berkeley (Maimone Lab)

Yong Wang, Genentech (Med Chem)

Susanna Yaeger-Weiss, UC Berkeley (Miller Lab)

Kevin Yang, UC Santa Cruz (Lokey Lab)

Heng Zhang, UC Santa Cruz (Zhang Lab)

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